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July 2016

Ammendments to the Expert Rules


The Suprement Court of Victoria has published ammendments to the Expert Rules. The Court states that "The object of these Rules is to amend Chapter I of the Rules of the Supreme Court to provide for a code of conduct for expert witnesses which is harmonised with other like jurisdictions."

The rules came into effect on 1 June 2016.

A full copy of the rules can be found on here



The examination of handwriting, signatures and questioned documents

HD Forensic Experts was established to provide a necessary forensic service to the legal and corporate community and address the requirement for solutions to document dispute sand fraud control measures.

Our goal is our motto and forms the underlying tenets to which we aim to deliver: Impartiality, Integrity and Answers.


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Forensic Document Examination, or Questioned Document Examination is one of the oldest of the forensic sciences and is concerned with the examination of documents for identification of authorship, evidence of tampering or alteration and methods of production.


Handwriting and Document Forensic Experts can assist with:

  • Handwriting and signature examinations, suspected forged documents
  • Identifying the source of anonymous material
  • Issues of fraud and fabrication
  • Contract disputes
  • Fingerprint Development and Comparison
  • Fingerprint Collection

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