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Workshops, Lectures and Seminars

HD Forensic Experts provide presentations, seminars and lectures to firms where required and the content of these are modified to suit the requirements of your staff and the learning outcomes required.

Our presentations are enlightening and highlight the significance of how document examination can vastly change the face of the litigation process and add another dimension to evidence that is routinely overlooked.

At the completion of our presentations, participants are aware of how to identify a potential document problem, what is likely to be acheived through examination and how to approach a document examiner. Presentations are delivered through the use of technical information and by the use of case studies.

If you believe you and your staff would benefit from a greater awareness of documents and associated problems, please contact this office.

To download a pdf information brochure detailing our workshops, please click here. [PDF - 681.3 KB]


Client Resources

We make available to clients a growing online resource of case studies and technical information regarding submission of cases, expert rules and previous client newsletters. If you would like access to this resource, please contact this office by email (address at side) with your name and the details of your firm and we can make arrangements to provide this resource to you.



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